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How does it work?

Do you need finishing or construction materials from Poland?

You are in the right place!

The ordering process at MAFEX EXPORT is just a few simple steps!

We estimate the project, you place the order and all you need is to wait for delivery.

We guarantee the safe and on time shipment.


See how easy it is!

Offer and pricing

Firstly, see what we have on offer! You will find products from leading manufacturers of finishing and construction materials. Ask us for a quote for the products you need. We will send you a quote in a maximum of 48 hours. Free and no strings attached.

See our offer

You place an order

Does the offer we sent meet your expectations? No wonder! We are specialists in attractive offers! Now you can place an order! Remember that the quote is valid for a maximum of 30 days from the date of its acceptance!

Order valuation

We process your order

We order all goods from our suppliers. We store your products in our safe and modern warehouse until the order is completed.
When this takes place – we secure the goods and hand them over to the carrier. We provide you with information about the date of the delivery.

You pick up the order!

Your goods are after the journey and customs clearance!

We will inform you when the materials reach the pickup location or the address you provide!

Another satisfied customer!

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